Recycling is mandatory in Jackson Township. Recycling containers are available at no cost and can be picked up at the Township Building. Click here for proper recycling procedures.

THERMOFORM PLASTIC RECYCLING COMING TO GLRA’s DROP-OFF LOCATED AT 1610 RUSSELL ROAD, LEBANON: On October 1, 2012, we will begin accepting clear PET plastic thermoform containers and packaging marked with the #1 PET recycling symbol at our drop-off center. Clear PET thermoforms include clamshells like those used to package fresh produce, baked goods or deli items; clear cups; trays; tubs, lids, as well as non-food #1 PET display packaging such as that used for toys and small electronics. Just like our other recyclables, customers should remove as much as possible, any excess food, liquids and non-recyclable materials from these items. If there is no number or symbol on it, AS LONG AS IT IS CLEAR, we are being instructed to put it in the bin. See flyer.