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If you would like to make some changes to your property, in most cases you will need to get a permit at the Township Office. Please visit our Zoning & Planning page for more information.


Questions regarding Dog Law enforcement should be directed to:

Susan West, Director, Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement
2301 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA  17110
(717) 787-4833


If you would like to report road kill, please use the following guidelines:

If it is on a Township Road call the PA Game Commission – Southeast Region at 610-926-1966 between Monday and Friday, 7:30 am & 4:00 pm.

If it is on a State Road call Penn Dot – Lebanon County at 717-272-6637 anytime, including weekends & holidays.


On 08/16/2004, the Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance 3-2004 Nuisances Ordinances deemed it in the best interest and general welfare of the citizens and the residents of this Township to prohibit the unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful use of private or public property which causes injury, damage, hurt, inconvenience, annoyance or discomfort to others in the legitimate enjoyment of their rights of person or property. Included in the Ordinance are:

* Storing or accumulating junk materials. 
* Storing or accumulating abandoned or junked motor vehicles. 
* Storing or accumulating more than three antique or collector motor vehicles. 
* Collection of standing water 
* Dangerous structures 
* Grass, weeds or other vegetation 
* Uncovered well or cistern 
* Unsecured excavation 
* Defacing of public or private buildings, etc. 
* Posting advertisement 
* Obstructing street or sidewalks 
* Creating health of safety risk 
* Creating an unsightly appearance 
* Proper operation of vehicles 
* Befouling of streets unlawful 
* Storage and accumulation of newspaper and other printed materials 
* Outdoor lighting


Recycling is mandatory in Jackson Township. Recycling containers are available at no cost and can be picked up at the Township Building. Click here for proper recycling procedures.

THERMOFORM PLASTIC RECYCLING COMING TO GLRA’s DROP-OFF LOCATED AT 1610 RUSSELL ROAD, LEBANON: On October 1, 2012, we will begin accepting clear PET plastic thermoform containers and packaging marked with the #1 PET recycling symbol at our drop-off center. Clear PET thermoforms include clamshells like those used to package fresh produce, baked goods or deli items; clear cups; trays; tubs, lids, as well as non-food #1 PET display packaging such as that used for toys and small electronics. Just like our other recyclables, customers should remove as much as possible, any excess food, liquids and non-recyclable materials from these items. If there is no number or symbol on it, AS LONG AS IT IS CLEAR, we are being instructed to put it in the bin. See flyer.


There are various options for you to privately contract with regarding trash pickup. Click here for company contact information.


The Burning Ordinance was amended in 2014 to allow the burning of non-recyclable materials. Burning is permitted on residential properties of one or two family dwellings. The amendment prohibits the burning of leaves and yard waste which are recyclable materials and should be used as mulch. Copies of the ordinance or any questions should be directed to the Zoning Officer – (717)-866-4771


Please refer questions about on-lot disposal systems/pumping to:

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Lebanon County Planning Department 
Phone: 717-228-4444

Please refer questions about mandatory septic tank pumping to:

Heather Kline
Jackson Township
On-lot pumping program – Act 537
E-mail:  office@jacksontownship-pa.gov
Phone: 717-866-4771

Click here for a list of approved pumpers.


Bills must be paid to Jackson Township
In person, by mail or dropbox at:
Jackson Township
60 N. Ramona Rd.
Myerstown, PA 17067
Please refer any questions to:
(717) 866-4771
Township of Jackson
Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 3:30 PM

Sewer Billing Cycles
QuarterPeriod Billed ForBilling Date

* It is the customer’s responsibility to insure receipt of your sewer bill.

Final Notice – If you fail to timely pay this bill, the Township may pursue further collection of the bill including the shut-off of water to the premises and/or the filing of a municipal lien against the premises.

EDU – Equivalent Domestic Unit – Each single family dwelling is equal to 1 EDU. Commercial and industrial establishments are based on chart in ordinance no. 1-1988 B.

Penalty – 10% Penalty is added if amount due is not paid within 30 days of the date of statement. If statement is not paid within 60 days of the due date, 1% interest will be charged per month on the sum of the amount due plus the penalty which amounts to 12 percent per annum.