KnoxBox Ordering GuidelinesSee Jackson Township Code of Ordinances – Chapter 4. Buildings; Part 3. KNOX BOXES for requirements.

Ordering your KnoxBox will be through an eApproval process.  eApproval ordering allows the fire company to review and approve (or deny) products selected by property owners prior to purchase to confirm that those products should be keyed to the fire company’s KnoxBox System Code. 

Please follow the steps below for ordering KnoxBox products:

  1. Property Owner visits
  2. In the upper left hand on screen, click on Choose your local Fire Department, for Location: PENNSYVANIA and Local fire department/agency: Keystone Hook & Ladder Co# 1.  Search and then Select Keystone Hook & Ladder Co#1 Myerstown PA.
  3. Login either as a Returning Customer or as a New Customer and create an account.
  4. Click on PRODUCTS
  5. Click on COMMERICAL KNOXBOXES –The KnoxBox 3200 (Standard Capacity) is used for most commercial applications or Click on GATE KEY SWITCHES AND PADLOCKS if you need fire company perimeter access control. 
  6. Click on VIEW for ordering product and complete form.  Add to Cart and continue to Checkout.  Add shipping and payment information and complete transaction. (You must have electric to your KnoxBox location if you choose a Tamper Switch.  Many Knox Boxes do not use a Tamper Switch.)
  7. Fire Company receives an email informing them they have a request to review.
  8. Upon Fire Company approval, Property Owner receives an approval email.
  9. Fire Company receives an email notification when the order has been shipped.
  10. Contact the Fire Chief of the Keystone Hook and Ladder CO # 1 at when you have received your KnoxBox  product to discuss placement of the KnoxBox on your building or location of perimeter access.
  11. Once you have installed the KnoxBox on your building, please contact the Fire Chief again to schedule a time to meet to place your contents in the KnoxBox and for the fire company to lock the KnoxBox and put it into service.  Knox Box Contents shall contain 3 sets of labeled keys, easily identified in the field to provide access into the structure and/or building, and to any locked areas within the building. Sets of keys, in addition to access keys, shall include keys for alarm panels, pull stations, and elevators.  Also provide alarm codes, location of alarm panels, and contact information for the building on laminated paper.   

If you ever need to place updated keys or information into the KnoxBox, contact the Fire Chief of the Keystone Hook and Ladder CO # 1 to arrange for the fire company to meet with you to open the KnoxBox.

For any questions concerning KnoxBox products or the ordering process, please contact the Fire Chief of the Keystone Hook and Ladder CO # 1 at .