Each street is only checked 1 time.  It is very important to have your items on the street by 7 a.m. on the date listed above.  Only ONE collection of the Township will be made, there will be no return trips.

            A SUGGESTION FROM THE ROAD CREW – If you and your neighbor have small piles, please consider combining your piles into one larger pile to make it easier for the road crew to pick up.  One large pile is easier to collect that multiple little piles.  Please keep piles away from obstructions such as poles, mailboxes, cars, etc. Branches and green/garden materials can be co-mingled, but must be placed as close as possible to the edge of the pavement and parallel with the street. 

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS for collection will be BRANCHES, BRUSH, STICKS, and TWIGS.  Small items placed in open barrels or bins will be collected and the receptacles returned to the curb.  Branches over 5’ will not be picked up.   

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS – Unacceptable items will be left on the property and will be the owner’s responsibility

            –           Any non-wood items will NOT be collected.                      NO vegetable plants will be accepted.      

            –           NO root systems will be accepted for collection.               NO items in bags will be accepted

            –           NO sod of any kind.                                                               NO garbage

            –           NO chemically treated products will be collected.            NO poisonous plants, stones, dirt or stumps

            –           NO furniture of any type will be collected.                         NO GRASS CLIPPINGS

            –           NO LEAVES (Only collected in Fall)                                    NO branches longer than 5’